The team of “Komihris” Accredited Analytical Centre for Laboratory Tests (ACLT) consists of highly qualified specialists whose main objective is to satisfy customer needs by performing work in a reliable and competent manner.

The tests we do stand out as being ones of high-quality, as well as quick and precise. Strict confidentiality and objectivity are maintained and the good professional practice in the field of customer service is observed.

The high level of competence of the team of “Komihris” ACLT is proven by the excellent results obtained in national and international suitability tests.

On behalf of the management of “Komihris” Ltd. and “Komihris” Analytical Centre for Laboratory Tests (ACLT), we make the following statements as regards the policy and the QMS objectives:

  • that the personnel engaged in the testing activities performed within the ACLT is familiarized with the quality documentation and it implements the policy and procedures of the system in its work;
  • the commitment of laboratory management to the compliance of the QMS with the requirements of БДС EN ISO/IEC 17025 and the continuous improvement of management efficiency;
  • full satisfaction of customers through the provision of high quality services by the laboratory and performance in accordance with an established good professional practice;
  • the laboratory is performing its work in a reliable and competent manner and in compliance with the legal and technical rules and regulations;
  • use of cost-effective methods for the provision of the offered services, which ensures the appropriate accuracy
    the tests are always performed through the methods agreed;
  • uprightness in meeting the deadlines and customer’s demands, as well as in protecting the confidentiality of services provided;
  • examination of claims and taking measures for remedy thereof in a timely and businesslike manner;
  • motivation of employees through additional training for maintenance and upgrading of their qualification level;
  • achievement of laboratory’s economic success;
  • upright and loyal partnership with suppliers;
  • continuous supervision of the QMS and expedient modifications thereof with a view to its improvement.

“Komihris” Analytical Centre for Laboratory Tests (ACLT) was established in December 2007. It is an independent unit within the structure of “Komihris” Ltd.

A documented and operational management system has been implemented in “Komihris” ACLT since 01.02.2008, which is compliant with the requirements of БДС ISO/IEC 17025“General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories” and in April 2009 “Komihris” Analytical Centre for Laboratory Tests was granted a Certificate of Accreditation by Executive Agency “Bulgarian Accreditation Service”

The line of business of the laboratory includes physico-chemical and microbiological testing of:

  • Meat and meat products;
  • Milk and dairy products;
  • Drinking waters (natural mineral waters, spring waters, table waters, drinking and domestic water, bottled water and testing at the water source);
  • Surface waters and groundwaters;
  • Swimming pool waters, ice;
  • Confectionery
  • Fruits, vegetables, and fruit and vegetable products;
  • Canned fruits, vegetables and mix of meat and vegetables
  • Canned meat;
  • Ready meals, sauces;
  • Cereals – wheat, legumes and their products;
  • Feedingstuffs/ Animal feed;
  • Bread and bread products;
  • Contact surfaces;
  • Spices and herbs;
  • Cosmetic products;
  • Surface-active substances, detergents and soap;
  • Essential oils
  • Vegetable and animal oils and fats;